Raising Boys Into Extraordinary
Young Men

“Raising Boys Into Extraordinary Young Men”, is Dr. Monica Hawkins’ first book that is a blueprint to help parents raise their sons to be articulate, self-confident, intelligent, and extraordinary young men and leaders. Pathways are discussed that will help build self-confidence in young boys, as well as the importance of encouraging them to be assertive enough so that they will go after whatever it is they want to do in their lives.


Raising Girls Into Extraordinary
Young Women

“Raising Girls Into Extraordinary Young Women”, is Dr. Monica Hawkins’ second book that is a blueprint for parents to raise daughters who are articulate, self-confident, intelligent, and extraordinary young women and leaders. Shaping a girl’s mindset is also discussed, along with how essential it is for them to be self-confident throughout their lives.


Both books discuss the importance of parents spending quality time with their sons and daughters, and how to foster open communication with them. The books discuss ways for parents to help their sons and daughters achieve academic excellence and the need to control their social media and electronic use. The importance of young boys and girls repeating “positive affirmations” that they believe about themselves, both to themselves and out loud, is essential to help them build their self-esteem. These two books are ultimately the blueprint to raising extraordinary kids!
Some parents do not have a clear vision in mind for their sons and daughters before they are born, and the moral values needed to raise them. It is so important that once children are born, parents teach them to look ahead in life by always setting goals for themselves. Many times, parents are “too busy” with their careers – and ultimately their lives that they forget to think about their children’s future and how to help them plan for it. Raising children to be extraordinary takes lots of time, effort, AND sacrifice! These core values are what truly make phenomenal parents!